Hello everyone !

I hope everyone is doing good on the other side 😍

So I’m having this life skill workshop in my college and it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G πŸ‘Œ

As this is my final year before I graduate, the college management prepares us for interviews with the MNCs and helps us develop aptitude skills required by inviting a consultancy company to provide necessary guidelines to students.

So we’ve got this amazing guy called VISHWA, he’s super confident and he delivers the whole life skills concept- required for students in terms of time management, personality development, communication skills and presentation skills -in such an awesome manner that it doesn’t get boring at all ! πŸ™Œ

He’s always engaging us to interact with our classmates and challenging us to IMPROVE. The best part is, he’s very comfortable and open about talking taboo terms , he talks. about sex/relationships without any hesitation with utmost confidence and class.  

He’s easily the most confident person I’ve EVER come across. When asked about how’s he so confident and ease at all the time . 

The one thing he told was that

I accept myself. 

See once you accept yourself.  Your flaws,  your weaknesses and your shortcomings, no one is going to be able to use it against you. If you are lacking in any aspect then introspect it , accept it and try to improve those areas . Isn’t it wonderful? 

I’m really motivated and inspired by this skill development workshop because I’m learning a lot about life and it has brought such a positive impact on my life . I can feel the good vibes !

And the best part was when he asked about everyone’s hobby & the one thing that automatically popped into my mind was writing. I love writing , no matter what. I just love playing around with words and arrange it in a way so that it makes some sense! πŸ˜€

The one thing he told was that no matter how busy we get we just need to spend at least an half hour doing something we’re passionate about and what we like doing without enforcement. And Im trying to abide to that by writing and being regular on the blogosphere,  because its A.R.T πŸ’ƒ

Well to be honest I should be preparing for my aptitude skills for cracking the interview right now but I’m exhausted being in the training for 8 hours a day so I’m just gonna get a little guilty and with a very sad heart procastinate,  because IM EXHAUSTED 😱😀.

But in the contrary being busy has been good to me. I’m less worried,  less anxious and have been feeling more productive lately😊 good no? πŸ’

It’s difficult to be sad when one is being useful ! 
This has been my “everydaylife ” so far. I hope it’s going to be a pleasant and productive week for all of us !  πŸ’ƒπŸ‘»πŸ’ƒπŸ‘»πŸ’ƒπŸ‘»πŸ’ƒπŸ‘»πŸ’ƒπŸ‘»πŸ’ƒπŸ‘»πŸ’ƒπŸ‘»πŸ’ƒ

Texts and the mess.

Hello! How’re y’all doing and feeling this sunday? I hope it’s as stress free and peaceful as it can get πŸ˜€

Today I’d like to talk about “texts”. It’s the most convenient method to pass messages,get important reminders and is easy to convey common message to a number of people at a time  . Hassle free and easy.  And if you’re an introvert like me who finds calling people a bit awkward.  Texts are easily the life savers to ask those uncomfortable things which is not possible to get out on the phone πŸ˜‰

But , we easily stress too much about the texts , and the whatsapp blue ticks make things even worse. Well , we have too much information on our plate right now. I’d like to wonder is it even necessary?  I get anxious when I know someone has read my texts and hasn’t responded to it instantly.  Honestly it first starts as “oh , he might be busy” or “yeah maybe later” but then when I don’t recieve a ping back for a LONG time I just start self-depreciating myself. All kinds of random unwanted thoughts like –

  • Maybe I’m unimportant to him.
  • Maybe I just don’t mean so much to him.
  • I’m a fool.
  • I should definitely block him.
  • My friends don’t like me.

These kind of thoughts over power my mind and I am left restless and queasy because it’s just not about a “text” anymore it’s about me placing my worth in someone else’s hands. That’s the problem.  I do that a lot and it kind of sucks. No sucks real bad. 

When I place my worth in others hands Im automatically giving a huge chunk of my brain space for them to rule over.

So from today I’m going to make conscious effort to not let texts and phone calls decide my importance or my self worth. It might sound silly to make such a fuss about simple text messages but it is not. It’s just that people don’t address the underlying anxiety and insecurities that comes with the digital communication methods like other psychological things.

Let’s talk about these things and spread an awareness of not letting digital connections rule our lives and start deciding important matters for us.

If you have any suggestions on how I should stop letting people and their behaviour get to me feel free to drop in your suggestions in the comments below ! ⬇⬇

Blessed sunday to you all ! πŸ’œ

Don’t resist the change , accept it.


She went to the candy man everyday demanding her favourite lemon flavored candy and refused to settle for any other flavour.  The candy man politely obliged to her for so long.
Until one day he refused to give her lemon flavor despite her resistance  & handed her a pineapple flavored candy.
She fell in love with the pineapple flavored candy and totally forgot about lemon flavored one. Because the pineapple flavored candy tingled her taste buds and she devoured them. 🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬
She always knew she was tangy and sweet, that’s why she opted for the lemon – which in her mind suited her perfectly.  

Being an expert in his fortΓ© the candy man was aware that both lemon and pineapple flavors were tangy with a hint of  sweetness but on different levels on the scale.
He pursuaded her for a “slight” change to make her realise that what she was choosing for herself wasn’t the right choice even though it felt a lot like it. 


In life too it’s wise to let your candyman make some choices for you. Don’t resist the change , accept it. 😊


Today it has been a rather sad sunday for me and I’ll tell you why.

My uncle that is my mother’s own brother suffers from schizophrenia and, it’s bad. He talks to himself, gets violent at times and cries to himself ,sometimes. He stays with us , my mom and my maternal grandmom take care of him.

 I’ve grown up with him , he was present when I was born and has stayed in my life ever since. Despite his illness he has always been an excellent human being . When he is not having anything majorly affecting him he is kind,sweet and always jovial which truly breaks my heart…why can’t there be a cure? 

Sadly, schizophrenia doesn’t have permanent cure; it’s only possible to regulate illness but no cure. My mom and my grandmother never fail to give him his medications from time to time. We all take care of him in the best way possible 

So today he suffered from low blood pressure this afternoon where he was unable to comprehend and reach out for help. He was sleeping and we thought that he was taking a nap then my grandmother noticed blood trickling from his lips as he had unconsciously  bit his tongue while he was asleep and then we rushed to him. We gave him salt to raise the blood pressure , after some time he regained consciousness ,had his dinner and is sleeping downstairs now.

Readers it absolutely broke my heart to see him in thst helpless state..I cursed as to why can’t they invent something to cure it. I know research is going on to find a cure but still it’s very hard to be in my uncle’s position and imagine life.

He is scared of imaginary people hurting him, sometimes he talks irrelevantly and it’s so difficult to see him go through this chaos in his mind. But I’ve heard the tablets ease all the commotion in the brain for a bit I hope it helps him ….

Me and my family do everything that we can to make his journey  easier if not disesse-free. 

I hope his mind doesn’t get too cruel and pull all the weird tricks on him. He needs to rest.

Affectionatelyours πŸ’”


August 19th is celebrated as the World Photography day ☺..I’m a day late to make this post 😝.

I love freezing time. I love to hold it as long as I can and it’s actually virtually possible to do so too with aid of a camera! I love looking back through all the photos…each one having a story of it’s own no matter how good or bad the shot is . With photographs it’s possible to feel the exact same feelings what you had felt at a time already gone…

It’s a solid memory . The relationships you have with your friends may have changed now but the memory of photograph never does. 

Here are some of my shots captured with an android phone of 13 mega pixel. Enjoy 

sunset by the lake at my place ☺

Christmas decor in a church near my home . ☺
Christmas decor in a church near my home! ☺

White wine 🍸

Moss and boats . Still waters πŸ‘€


At my friend’s place celebrating friendship with a red velvet cake😊

Veg bullet and dimsums,two single friends hung out on Valentine’s day ! ❀

Not just pretty

I resonate so much with this piece by my favourite Indian contemporary writer “Nikita Gill” . ❀

This post touches so many focal points in a girl’s life if you read it closely and carefully.  So next time you tell a girl she’s “pretty” , please do think twice.

I personally believe that  pretty itself is pretty inadequate to describe any girl at all.  The word is so casual ,like you don’t even think twice before saying it. 

In my opinion it’s pretty devoid and empty if you use it to describe a girl. When you say “pretty” it sounds like you’re seeing only the most external features about her . It comes so easily on the lips , it’s almost shallow.

No girl you’re ever going to meet is just pretty, she’ll never be . She is gorgeous, stunning and magnificent;each and every one of her.

She carries the universe in her eyes and unconditional love towards her people,even if they break her sometimes. She’s the giver who doesn’t expect much in return other than your loyalty and faith. She’s the genius girl in your class who solves the most complicated integration equations in a heartbeat. She’s the one person in who her mother can confide her deepest secrets and be assured for all the little secrets to be carried till her grave. She’s the one on who you can rely on , always.

Sorry,but these qualities are not just pretty they are Incredible! 

Affectionatelyours ❀