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500 real people on the internet actually spending time to follow my blog intending to read my posts is truly a big feat for me. Of all the valuable gifts and rewards that we get and give ; I believe, giving your attention as well as your time to a person, showing genuine interest towards their artistic creation and craft is the most fulfilling one.
Fortified with a laptop and sporadic inspiration to indulge my personal experience on this digital platform, I have always thrived to be as realistic, truthful and relatable as my ideas to could let me be.  I trust I have been successful in doing so. To me, writing is not only something that I want to do to help myself alone, but to aid others as well through my experiences. I don’t intend to articulate that in a patronizing tone that I am the helper of the distraught, in fact, I am the one who most needs the help !  
My personal and fundamental motto in the journey of life is to help and be helped in return as life is not a one way road it is invariably a two way  path where giving and receiving in an adequate amount helps restore sanity and brings about a sense of balance. We all need to keep our balance. 
Thank you everyone once again for taking your precious time to scroll through my blog and throw it some thought!  You’re all wonderful authors/poets and receiving appreciation from you all is definitely a feather in my cap. 😊 
Continue writing, reading and sharing amazing stories for you don’t know who is gaining strength from your words. 🎀

Brokeness was not her.

She was the girl who cried herself to sleep every night

How would you expect her not to when  sharp shards of the broken glass of his betrayal made her soul bleed each time with a fresh wound in a new place with a cruel memory 

Eventually a day arrived, where she realized that an epic betrayal in life was  inevitable 

And so she slowly came to terms that not all smiling, promising faces meant well for mind and body

That was then she resolved that she cannot control people breaking her

That also came about the day when she swore that brokenness will no longer be  synonymous with her name.

Because now she simply wanted to tell stories about an epic rebirth as she filled all empty spaces of his betrayal with the love she owed herself and picked herself up.


Self Made Hell

On days like these I don’t feel like writing to inspire or make anybody feel better,  I must ask your pardon for that.Because in the weak moment such as the one I am experiencing right now,  I want to read to be inspired rather than write . 
Don’t comprehend it wrong my friends, there isn’t any monumental problem eating my soul.Feeling sad makes me feel ungrateful, why? Because even though I’m truly blessed with more than what I could have ever asked for, still when self doubt creeps into my blood rushing through my body enveloping me, I have a tough time saying  GO AWAY .
As the notion of not being good enough opens it’s fangs to embrace me, I leap into it’s embrace as it has been my companion for a long time. 
Now I want to bid adieu to this wicked old friend of mine that is self doubt,  who has made a home for itself in my body and mind. I want to welcome new friends of self acceptance and self assurance into my psyche. I am genuinely looking forward to know them and invite them and incorporate the gifts the precious gifts they bring along with them in my life.

Book Review 

This book is amazing! 

Oh God this book, I’m Psyched. 
Though this book was put out in 2013 I did not have the opportunity to read it then . Just recently while I was exploring some of the mystery books on GoodReads, where I happened to find this gem of a book,  a stunning debut novel by a truly gifted writer Kimberly McCreight.
This book dispenses with the fragile relationship of a busy working woman with a serious guilt conscience of not being a good enough mother to her daughter who is no more. (Nope, not a spoiler) The brilliant POV of both of them throughout the story keeps you on the crotchet. 
It deals with how the manipulative people prey on the weak ones and their tender  emotions. Most significantly, it has a strong message that one should report bullying or harassment of any form to an authority or a trusted adult, if you are a minor before it is too late to protect yourself and others.
Overall, it is a hardcore suspense novel with elements of family,  friendships, love balanced in a brilliant manner making it a unputdownable. If you like reading the dark gothic novels, this one is for you. 🙌 

On The flip side.


Hello, everyone! What up on the other side? 🙂

As a regular user of the internet myself and being active on Facebook and numerous other social platforms, lately I have come across a handful of articles about the present generation on how they are not as social, not  as respectful and are as well as failing to have real time exchanges with people. The present-day generation is constantly compared with the former one and every so often in a negative light.

I would like to shed some light on two of the greatest criticisms the new gen face and the optimistic influence they have brought about, in spite of being harshly criticized by a comparatively older generation.

  1. Young people do not communicate with others. Always are glued to their smartphones.

If you are from the 90s or younger I bet you would have been blamed for this “digital sin” more often than you would like to admit. LOL! Hey, but come on, I think the young people are cleverer than to engage with unwelcome gossips and chats with weird strangers/or annoying relatives on the subway or at a household get-together. Trust me, the young people use the smartphones in such scenarios to tune out the nonsense which earlier was not likely. Earlier, people endured it because there was an idea ingrained in their mind that if they do not do a back and forth with people (even with the rude ones who only cause damage with their words) that were morally considered as being “snob”. NOW, it is just protecting our space with aid of gluing our eyes on the screen.

 I do agree that there are a few “juveniles” who are truly discourteous and disrespectful when someone is talking to them. That is an unacceptable behavior. Maximum of the time, a phone is used as an “escape mechanism” at a crowded gathering where presence is unavoidable. There are bothersome relatives whose only business is to be acquainted with your latest percentage/employment condition or question your relationship status of the moment.



Irritation level-101, I SAY!

  1. The young people are blamed for not being helpful.

I believe this claim is utterly false to a great extent if not completely false. I reason today the young people are coming out in large numbers to help their peers. By keeping in mind about the mental health issues like depression, anxiety & abuse. I certainly see the taboo of talking about it as well as discussing it with friends and family is slowly dying down. Compared to how things worked out earlier, now there are a lot of forums, blogs and boards where young people can talk about their fears without revealing their identity with people of the same wavelength who offer support. Issues like feminism and LGBTQ are discussed openly and freely. There is acceptance. How is it being “not helpful”?  I believe being there for someone and offering kind words during tough times should be considered as a great help!

Thank you for reading!

Please feel free to drop in your own views in the comment box. J

The Pleasure Of Not Knowing Everything




Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. Certainty is absurd.


Hello, everyone!

What is it about the showers, though? Maybe it is the solitude and the comfort of warm water gracing   my body, making me so comfortable that I end up contemplating life in a mere half hour.

So my latest shower thought discovery is about: Unpredictability

Unpredictability- it means that a situation cannot be known in advance in order for us to be prepared for it. Hmm. Well, it got me thinking whether unpredictability, in general, is a bad thing? Being an anxious person myself I do not enjoy “not knowing” something because it makes me restless that is one part. But, I do not think that unpredictability needs to be pigeonholed to be entirely “bad”.  If we always knew how things would look in the future I think we all would just forget to live in the moment. We would always and always worry about tomorrow making efforts to make it better (if it was bad) or waiting eagerly for it (if it held something good). In both the scenarios, we would just worry to be reaching somewhere. Uncontended, searching and waiting hoping for that one moment to arrive. Whereas in unpredictability, sure we do fret the unknown but the lack of complete knowledge of what exactly is going to happen tomorrow gives us a free pass to actually live our life 100% for today.

I do not know what is “exactly” going to happen tomorrow, I might just literally die or win a lottery of an enormous amount, cannot tell which has the most or least probability as it is unpredictable! Honestly, I don’t want to know or be prepared for it either. That is too stressing knowing exactly what is going to happen and be helpless/not helpless in changing the future. Instead, I will just embrace now, this moment where I am completely at ease with myself typing this blog post & not being certain of anything. It is a different kind of joy I think, about not knowing. I guess too much information clogs our information retaining capacity.

We will know everything that we need to know at the right time. Let us not be eager to seek all the answers of life in a day itself! Let it come eventually, gradually.

The ceaseless drive to seek everything the universe holds will only make you so frustrated that you won’t actually understand why and what is actually happening at all. I believe that knowing is not enough but understanding is. That is why knowing too much and understanding too less spells trouble!

Let us embrace “not knowing” and for a while. Just handle the curve balls along with the glittery shiny balls without being too overwhelmed by it.

Let us enjoy and embrace not knowing everything.


Thank you for reading !