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Do you think this is a good one? I came up with this the other day after I read a book about high school bullying.  I am moved by the intensity of issue and wanted to make something related to it. 

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My Top 5 Recent Wattpad Reads.

Wattpad is a hub of new and refreshing stories. It is my go-to source for some peppy upbeat  novels from the young writers out there! Trust me, you can never get bored of this App!!

Trust me, you can never get bored of this mobile app. 

Here are some of my recent best picks. Check ’em out! They’re so entertaining 😍😊😎

1.”Twenty-One Night Stand ✓” by dipthewick  

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4. “The Overnight Fame of Steffi McBride” by AndrewCrofts

5. “All This Time | ✓” by salonikavale


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E-N-J-O-Y! ❤


I am making this post not as a nationalist, feminist or secularist but in generally as a HUMAN.

I am a 21-year-old young woman who has been educated all her life that respect is the most vital part of life, that without honest hard work or integrity nothing of worth can be truly achieved. I have also been taught that looking down upon people: women and the disabled ones especially (and men too) will not earn me anything except contempt from other people because it is downright cruel and unacceptable. I did not question any of these things that were taught to me, I accepted and imbibed them into my system because not just because they were popular beliefs or so but, because I resonated with them as well- respect, not looking down upon people and the likes of it.

 Similarly, growing up, everyone gets educated about these fundamental qualities that one must possess to be called as a decent human being. But today as I was watching the US presidential elections all the basic life lessons and fundamental values that we were taught right from the birth were put to test and failed.

A person such as Donald Trump who has ridiculed women, minorities, Hispanics, African-Americans (you name it!) JUST BECAUSE HE CAN is the Honorary President of the US elected by the people by a HUGE margin against Hillary! Guys, Presidency is no joke. It is a serious responsibility to guide a nation towards its highest potential and growth. How can a person who has used phrases like-

Grab them by the pussy

My daughter’s got a nice ass.

Could EVER be elected to run the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

His jabs towards toward women or Mexicans were not even implied but direct. He did not hide who he was, he truly represented himself as a misogynist, a homophobe and his evident detestation towards immigrants was highlighted. Then what made the people pick him? Was it because of his boldness to make such remarks?


Being straight forward is a great quality to have. The courage to represent oneself just as he is. But,in this case, what is the use of such display of courage by ridiculing someone? Didn’t his speeches and debates always imply that he does not believe in the fundamental as well as basic values of a decent human like respect, acceptance, and humility?

Does running for president do not include having basic values?

The people of America have chosen Trump as their protector. Did the men while voting forget that they have wives and daughters? In the light of his comment “GRAB THEM BY THE PUSSY”, does it make him the protector or the one to be protected from?

It is ironic when he talks about security and safety while I bet his own daughters do not feel safe around him because of his lack of control on the libido. How can people expect from him to pave their way to a stronger nation?

Trump winning the polls is definitely condemnable on people’s part. When there are leaders like Trump anything can go wrong.


In Sync.


At the moment I am writing my bit on “being in sync with oneself” and trust me there is no other person right now who can do justice to this subject other than me (hypothetically, of course!)

For that reason, what makes me the best person to preach this right now? The reply is quite unassuming, I was on one occasion truly out of sync with myself. I remained all over the place in regard to my emotions, mental steadiness, and complete wellbeing. I was very much involved in other people’s stories about their business. I liked was fanatical for knowing everything that was going on with everyone. Where did that leave me in my own life? Nowhere.

My own depth implored me to just literally be done with this fixation of comparing my life with that of others. I stood tired of all the synthetic emotions and smiles people were portraying just to “seem okay” or prove that they were in a “better place” as compared to the rest. When in certainty their life was equally or more difficult than what they would like to confess. I started having a repugnance to the behaviour of these people and the like, I contemplated with myself that this is not something that I desire and definitely not what I aspire to become. Gradually, as the awareness began to set in I removed myself from everything that bound me to shackles which I had created for myself over time.

Now, gently I am concentrating on my life, discerning about myself principally and not about others achievements or failures. I feel at peace. It is a good sentiment to be the crucial character in your own story. Nobody has done “life” earlier, it is the first chance we have got to attempt it. Nobody is prepared for life; everyone is just taking a chance to see how things roll. If things are acceptable, then score 1 for ya! Or else fret not, attempt life again with a different approach. Because that is the only way. None of us has the foggiest on how to do the “right thing at the right time!  We are all fortified with nothing but only our own experiences to guide us through life.


I would also highlight additional matter while I am at it, that it is so much easier to fall back into the old patterns you have created for yourself in the course of time but please know that where that old pattern of doing things has gotten you. Change is tough, sometimes accompanied by withdrawal symptoms as well. But, please do experiment with your life, adopt new and better habits and develop the willpower and courage to say goodbye to the people and surroundings that make you weak with no regrets!