That one song.ย 


Baby baby I can’t escape 

Words are so powerful  and when they are threaded together with beautiful melody an incredible magic is undeniable. Yes, I’m talking about songs.  I don’t reckon there is anyone who hasn’t ever NOT connected with a song in their life. The Songs are something to which each and every one of us can relate to. It is like a common factor that binds us. Some of the tunes are so beautiful, they leave you with an awe; they make you come back wanting more of it.

I believe in everyone’s life there is  a defining song, a song which has like a million little elements attached to it. The elements can be the typical girlish “what if scenarios”, the song could be about a very important event. 

If I step into the darker side of the spectrum, then the song could define about a big loss or remind you of a painful event. 

Essentially, there is one song for everybody.

Over time I’ve found myself always coming back to this particular song by Selena Gomez and that is – The Heart Wants What It Wants. 

Sometimes people fuck us over very bad, but still we end up forgiving them. Trust me, that’s the most twisted logic there ever is because emotions are irrational if anything!  The song is such a terrific description of the fight that our practical side has with our emotional side. The desperation of giving in to feelings despite the facts. This song is so RAW.  

What are the defining songs of your life and why? I’d sure like to know.  


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