2am Musings


Of course I feel too much. I’m a universe of exploding stars. – S.ajna

2:23 am

They say, 2am is for the lovers, the lonesome and the poets. I don’t consider myself as being any of suggested possibilities. Can 2am also be for the people who are high on emotion and prefer to digitally share it with the world?  I can view myself as one of those kind people, yeah. 

Sleep has evaded me tonight. One thing on my mind right now is: Can you really un-love somebody?  

Is it possible to entirely forget someone that you have been unconditionally in love with? 

I don’t really know if it is at all a good or bad thing that someone cannot be altogether forgotten. It is a beneficial thing because then you know that in the this fast paced world where there is little or no time for raw emotion there is someone in our life who can’t just be replaced like any other commodity.  It is a bad thing because,  not being able to forget someone who needs to be forgotten maims the heart. 

Caught between these vacillating emotions,  it is real tough to judge what is good or bad. In life, everything is seldom in black and white. You merely can’t be too right or too wrong. 

When there are no hard and solid facts to lead a “perfect” life, then why do we even care about being wrong?  It is really natural to be in the wrong sometimes. We are going to be incorrect more often than we’d like to imagine.  That is the only truth.

All we need to do is trust our instincts, have faith and proceed forward. 


4 thoughts on “2am Musings

  1. When you truly love someone, and things don’t work out for some reason… I think you never really forget the feeling.. You just love them in a different form… Maybe not as a partner, but as a friend or just by letting them go if needed. Loving from a distance, accepting things as they are, and moving on with your life.

    At least that’s what I think about this.

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