You don’t have forever 

 You think you have forever?  Well, think again ’cause you don’t. Life is fleeting if anything. We lay all these elaborate plans for us like tommorow or day after tomorrow is promised. Optimistically speaking,  yes it is but if you put a little thought nothing is guaranteed. Hold on to the people you love and who loves you. Try to live with as many less regrets as possible.  Apologize. Forgive. If you have been incredibly lucky enough to have found a person who loves you even with all your flaws please,  never ever let them go or go around looking for something or someone better. ❤

Let us preserve love. Let us preserve the good energies. Let us rescue the people we love and be rescued in turn. I want this cycle to continue- Desperately. 


2 thoughts on “You don’t have forever 

  1. If we all thought this way, the world will be better off. Let all our discrepancies fall away when compared to our time alive. It’s just too short lived to hold on to anger. Another strong thought provoking post. I’m a fan 😁

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