On pain, life and nature.


Pain – a single four letter word with a profound significance. Pain comes in all shapes, sizes and…in terms of people, I guess mostly people. Because everything else is recoverable, but the moments in terms of life or lifespan in terms of moments that you’ve spent with an another individual is irrevocable. Does the hurt transform into strength? Newton presented a theory that energy is never lost, but only transforms itself from one form to another. The world accepts this legal philosophy of physics; is it applicable to emotions as well? 

One thing that is concrete in my mind is that pain, hurt and failure is unavoidable no matter how much you try to dodge them. Can you avoid the stars at night or the sky? They’re travelling to be always there as long as you breathe and beyond. You’ve accepted it and that no longer terrifies you. You’re not going to be terrified when the sun shines with greater intensity on some days or if it pours like cats and dogs! You’ve taken the fact that sun and the rain are part of life and the universe. You experience that on some days it’s going to rain harder and on others you’re going to sweat profusely. It’s fairly common knowledge. Likewise, there will be days on which life will be sunnier and there’ll be days where your life will get dark and cloudy. How to bear with this transition is a question but the answer is simple – Accept it.

Similarly, begin to look at life through the glasses with which you observe nature. They’re both co-aligned and will help you understand the life you live better. 

When you interpret the workings of nature and living, you’re bound to find many similarities in both of them. Nature and life are both sacred, important and interconnected since time immemorial. 

Exactly like how earth heals itself after a thunderous storm you will too. You will always, believe in this.



8 thoughts on “On pain, life and nature.

  1. Love every bit of your insight Anaida. Pain feels like a fast stab wound to the heart. But then healing feels like the wind against your face when you are spreading your wings and flying through the air! πŸ™‚

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