We are now here and nowhere else .

Ive been reading this book :Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto and it happened to be her debut novel. ☺

If you like mystery, mythical romance and loads of philosophy.  This one’s for ya ! πŸ˜‰

Well, I really liked some parts of the book where the writer has associated everyday life with some deep philosophical meanings ,which are sure to resonate with you. She has beautifully explained love, mortality, the fragile yet strong human relationships, the longing to do the right thing even at the cost of one’s happiness ! She has beautifully explained the sacrifices we make to see the people we love at peace , even if those decisions make us angsty. πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

This is not a review of the book but this post will be explaining one of my favourite part of the novel and what meaning I’ve derived from it. ☺

At one part of the book , the male and female protagonists are at a place ( I can’t give away the deets , sorrryy!! 😦) and both of them are about to share a “moment” but are hesitant for some reasons. 

So this mysterious male protagonist takes out a egg-timer from his breast pockets and asks his lady to watch the grains of sand pass through the funnel swiftly , like the time is running away .

The meaning :

He’s telling that time is just an illusion. We can’t save time and neither can we destroy it. Clocks are just an illusion which helps us somehow believe that we are in control of time. But it’s false,time can’t be measured by two hands of the clock but merely by moments we have in that span of time that can truly measure our time and it’s signifcance. Time’s not under the control of anyone. It neither waits or rushes for anyone. It just merely exists,what we want to do with it is the only thing under our control ! ☺

“We are now here and nowhere else”.

Whatever situation we are in right now is exactly where we should be. It has not been delayed neither been rushed. The past and it’s consequences have brought us here and to accept that where we are is where we belong brings us peace. 

And from here where do we want to go in the future? It depends on what actions you do RIGHT NOW. 

“The past of the future is present” 

Good morning and have a nice day! ❀