We are okay by Nina LaCour – A scintillating read!

You go through life thinking there’s so much you need…

Until you leave with only your phone, your wallet, and a picture of your mother.
Marin hasn’t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she left everything behind. No one knows the truth about those final weeks. Not even her best friend, Mabel. But even thousands of miles away from the California coast, at college in New York, Marin still feels the pull of the life and tragedy she’s tried to outrun. Now, months later, alone in an emptied dorm for winter break, Marin waits. Mabel is coming to visit, and Marin will be forced to face everything that’s been left unsaid and finally confront the loneliness that has made a home in her heart.

– Book Blurb taken from Goodreads

My Review: 

I was fishing out for a good book on Goodreads for quite some time, but whatever I found prior to We Are Okay was either too boring or uninspiring for my brain buds. I was almost dejected and resolved on taking a hiatus from reading and then voila! I found “We are Okay” by Nina LaCour 😀
Firstly, the main thing that seized my attention regarding this book was obviously its cover – so gorgeous!  And, it’s not just a pretty book I tell you, it has so much to offer to the readers in terms of content in easy and simple words that can be easily comprehended by anybody. The story is masterfully interwoven with poetic semblance and brilliant insight with regard to human reaction to loss and pain that you cannot help but applaud the author for her thoughts. This was my first from Nina LaCour, but decidedly not my last! I will definitely be looking for  more of what she has to offer ’cause boy is she a wordsmith and how! You just have to read it to believe it. 

When it came to the plot, it actually added up as a pleasant surprise to me when it started playing out as it did ’cause I absolutely didn’t expect of what the author really had in mind and where she was going with this novel. Hence, it was better than my expectations!  Both, Marin and Mabel will touch your heart within the short duration of time you are going to pass with them. They’re so adorable, like, genuinely. The character development is excellent and gripping which drives the total plot. 

All in all, it is a scintillating tale of Marin and Mabel as they both discern their opinions of life and loss. I hope you relish it as much as I did! 

I highly recommend to this book if you are going through a phase of pain and loss in life. 

🌹 Happy reading 🌹

Favorite quotations from the book- 

  • I must have shut grief out. Found it in books. Cried over fiction instead of the truth. The truth was unconfined, unadorned. There was no poetic language to it, no yellow butterflies, no epic floods. There wasn’t a town trapped underwater or generations of men with the same name destined to repeat the same mistakes. The truth was vast enough to drown in.- Nina LaCour
  • The most innocent things can call back the most terrible.
  • “I do not mean the difficulty. I do not mean the sex. I mean there are too many failings. Not enough hope. Everything is despair. Everything is suffering. What I mean is don’t be a person who seeks out grief. There is enough of that in life.” – Nina Lacour

On The flip side.


Hello, everyone! What up on the other side? 🙂

As a regular user of the internet myself and being active on Facebook and numerous other social platforms, lately I have come across a handful of articles about the present generation on how they are not as social, not  as respectful and are as well as failing to have real time exchanges with people. The present-day generation is constantly compared with the former one and every so often in a negative light.

I would like to shed some light on two of the greatest criticisms the new gen face and the optimistic influence they have brought about, in spite of being harshly criticized by a comparatively older generation.

  1. Young people do not communicate with others. Always are glued to their smartphones.

If you are from the 90s or younger I bet you would have been blamed for this “digital sin” more often than you would like to admit. LOL! Hey, but come on, I think the young people are cleverer than to engage with unwelcome gossips and chats with weird strangers/or annoying relatives on the subway or at a household get-together. Trust me, the young people use the smartphones in such scenarios to tune out the nonsense which earlier was not likely. Earlier, people endured it because there was an idea ingrained in their mind that if they do not do a back and forth with people (even with the rude ones who only cause damage with their words) that were morally considered as being “snob”. NOW, it is just protecting our space with aid of gluing our eyes on the screen.

 I do agree that there are a few “juveniles” who are truly discourteous and disrespectful when someone is talking to them. That is an unacceptable behavior. Maximum of the time, a phone is used as an “escape mechanism” at a crowded gathering where presence is unavoidable. There are bothersome relatives whose only business is to be acquainted with your latest percentage/employment condition or question your relationship status of the moment.



Irritation level-101, I SAY!

  1. The young people are blamed for not being helpful.

I believe this claim is utterly false to a great extent if not completely false. I reason today the young people are coming out in large numbers to help their peers. By keeping in mind about the mental health issues like depression, anxiety & abuse. I certainly see the taboo of talking about it as well as discussing it with friends and family is slowly dying down. Compared to how things worked out earlier, now there are a lot of forums, blogs and boards where young people can talk about their fears without revealing their identity with people of the same wavelength who offer support. Issues like feminism and LGBTQ are discussed openly and freely. There is acceptance. How is it being “not helpful”?  I believe being there for someone and offering kind words during tough times should be considered as a great help!

Thank you for reading!

Please feel free to drop in your own views in the comment box. J