Of vices and dices


Lately, relationships are a lot on my mind and their functionality as well, hence my boy-girl centric quotes. I think human relationships are very intriguing to write and talk about because of their intricate and delicate threads of emotions which have inspired some of the best poems – both melancholic and of bliss.  πŸ‘€


Caution: Poetic brilliance ahead.

Once in a while when you’re mindlessly browsing through your Pinterest and land on a poetry board which – seizes your breath and knocks the air out of your lungs because of its sheer vulnerability and rawness that you  easily assume that those two tiny initials  (~e.h) at the end mean Ernest Hemmingway because of the poetic brilliance. 


No guys, -e.h stands for Erin Hanson not Hemmingway. She’s a female contemporary poet and a painter, who is exceptionally good at what she does. 😊

One of my favorite past-times are discovering new writers and fresh music in the world of WWW through mobile applications like Pinterest, soundcloud and the like. I am thankful that I got to explore Erin’s writing, which felt like a balm to my tired soul. Thus, I wanted to share my discovery so that everyone takes  a note of this writer on the block! 

Thank you 🌹

Erin Van Vuren, I love you and your words. Thank you πŸŽ­πŸŽ‡


Hey guys, I had chanced upon some of the writings by Erin Van Vuren some time ago and had instantly felt electricity coursing through my veins upon reading her quotes. After running a few google searches I landed upon her Tumblr page and Pinterest; I am thankful that discovered her writings. They’re so fierce, honest and tender. Now,  it is safe for me to say that I’m obsessed with her! I’m certain you will fathom my madness after you read her literature for yourself πŸŽ†πŸŽ† 

Pure magic, aren’t they? 😌😻 

Thank you for reading.  πŸ‘±πŸ‘±

Comfortable silenceΒ 

As a person who battles anxiety, I can vouch for the fact – having comfortable silence in a relationship (friendship as well) Is golden for us. Sometimes, I talk a lot just to fill the gaps – worried if my company is causing boredom, worried that I’m not talking enough. So, if someone comes along the way who makes me feel comfortable even though I don’t say much – that equals to me being at ease, me not being supremely anxious and that’s very precious! 

This post is a dedication to people who have anxious friends and partners. Having comfortable silence will probably be the best gift you can give to them. Letting them know that there is no need for them to always be there on their toes to entertain others to feel loved and important. 🌹