Victim Card

Lately I’ve been writing a lot and sharing a lot of my thoughts with the internet as well. It is because I’m trying to channel my emotions and energies into something fruitful so that anybody who’s fighting the same battles as me doesn’t feel alone. Let us restore hope.

 We’re in this together, people! 💖

Cold things can burn too.

She’s hopelessly in love with him. Oh no. She’s in love with the ‘idea’ of him. A fantasy of him. A thin wall of ice stands between her imaginary form of him and the real him. It seems like that particular thin wall of ice – gleaming like an exquisite glass artwork, is easy to break. But, whenever she tries to demolish the wall in order to seek what’s beyond, the ice burns her fingertips. Surely, the property of ice is not to cause blisters, right? 
Then, why my friend is that in life sometimes the ‘cold hearts’ usually set a person’s hand on fire who attempts to contact it?
Cold things instill burns with a different kind of fervour. The kind with which even the sun cannot compete.