Until you happenedย 

โ€‹I didn’t know that the pain of this intensity even existed, until you happened 
I didn’t know that sometimes a simple act sleeping peacefully could be such a task, until you happened 
I didn’t know that sometimes, I was more afraid of myself than anyone else, until you happened 
I didn’t know that sometimes all the easy things would be a chore that is until you happened 
You reduced your best friend/confidant/supporter to mere acts of pleasure 
Left without with providing a closure 
Can you sleep knowing you just murdered someone emotionally? 
You used your words to cut me precisely and oh so brutally 
Just remember guilt is a slow poison 
When it will come to you, there isn’t nothing beautiful about that sensation 
At least I’m broken and can be fixed
What about you? 
All you’ll ever be is a living dead

Victim Card

Lately I’ve been writing a lot and sharing a lot of my thoughts with the internet as well. It is because I’m trying to channel my emotions and energies into something fruitful so that anybody who’s fighting the same battles as me doesn’t feel alone. Let us restore hope.

 We’re in this together, people! ๐Ÿ’–

Caution: Poetic brilliance ahead.

Once in a while when you’re mindlessly browsing through your Pinterest and land on a poetry board which – seizes your breath and knocks the air out of your lungs because of its sheer vulnerability and rawness that you  easily assume that those two tiny initials  (~e.h) at the end mean Ernest Hemmingway because of the poetic brilliance. 


No guys, -e.h stands for Erin Hanson not Hemmingway. She’s a female contemporary poet and a painter, who is exceptionally good at what she does. ๐Ÿ˜Š

One of my favorite past-times are discovering new writers and fresh music in the world of WWW through mobile applications like Pinterest, soundcloud and the like. I am thankful that I got to explore Erin’s writing, which felt like a balm to my tired soul. Thus, I wanted to share my discovery so that everyone takes  a note of this writer on the block! 

Thank you ๐ŸŒน